Saturday, April 10, 2010


Thursdé, April 10th, o8...66° mit bright sun=shine

What a perfect dé to walk around the Western

frontier! From the farmers' market [free Samples]

to the big drug=store, from the hard=ware schtore

to a tony Spice botega~with admiring glances from

all the pretty girls as i trod in my black suede skater

shoes... {slac don't actually skate} Yes~the windoes

are Open and the bed is changed over from the fresh

and finely filtered Aer. ^reposited ProLog^

Friday, Avril Nine, 2o1o...15:30:01, CHICAGO just strold

past my open door, Home from the cheese=factory. Para me,

it was the beautiful dé to ride the bicycleta Everywhere.

[MIAMI askt where i was going and i pointed my fingre to

the West, thru the building] TERRY at the Market sold me

my longs & gave me the Yesterpapre...i paid off LIZA of the

Doctor's office on my way to the pool. id est, the pool and

bubblers are not Serviceable as yet~BUT i can schtart the

sudoku by the crackling crick on such a fine day. Numerals!

Spring, and i must go [did go] to the college art museum

for a fine filling rest of the Soul AND a collecting of

gratis post=cards (3). There were also tours of the skool

going on about the same Time & it^ made me feel Younger.

Thence i pedalled Eastwise to the Place of money ordres.

{it would do no good to travel the werld so well Without

additionally making Provision for the concierge} At 11:40

this morning, i parkt my bike at a bench in my LivingRoom,

that publik park where the Bands play, to finish Puxxles.

Thence, on the Lunch=Hour, i visited my city hall to see

my Municiple moneys. {they are fine and forthright} It was

the LIBRARY LivingRoom where i finisht the yester-puxxles

AND did my Xtra reading of Scientia and the daily news.

By which Time, the bunkhaus was deserted to my schtowing of

the bicycle & othre things which Impend my householdry...

which is to say, long=wise, that i am Yet in the middle of

my middling Day--caring for Every=thing that comes my Way.

{the sun never sets on slac} Twas Ever Thus.

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Yo, slac,
nise to cee u!


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