Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday, a fool on fools' Errands.

Aday, a brusher of Leaves and twigs.

Amorro, a giver & receiver of Sweets.

The Hour is ne'er lost on me.

TITLE: Good Folloes Good

TEMP: around 54°, feeling Winterish

MOOD: bright for one so beset of Concern

PUXXLE: 100%...i cain't do Sudoku

PRESSURE: 115/77 pulsing 75

MUSIK: Night on Bald Mountain, 80's musik

NOISE: the Occasional very near siren

WIDEO: Daily Show, that World Series

GROX: all the essentials [bread, milk,

eggs, sugar, coffee, meats & cheeses] and

the occasional chips, dips and Cashews

HAER: usually covered by an acrylic cap

THOT: «People tend to ask me for direxions

because i seem to be a determinist; i have

not caught the shiftless shuffle nor the

languid lope of the completely Lost.»


Monday, Octobre 26th--JOHN the bus drifer

was quizzical,"No bikey?" i told him the

short version of how i flattened the rear

tire in Town.

Tuesday, Roomy #2 exclaimed, "Dang! I left

my coffee=cup at my baby mine's house!"

It's a very interesting locution and the

place where his young daughter lives when

she's not visiting with Daddy.

Wezne-cookt bacon for most~~rainy at werk

Thursday--called landlord of lights and he

flipped that breaker at 7 PM. Dan of the

Resource Centre gave me my 31 day buspass.

Friday--paid rent, recycled, gave out candy

*Roomy 4's friend had an ambulable episode*

Saterday--met JAZZ the J floater drifer...

Sunday, last--two masses and a parade

Tuesday, Novembre 3rd, °9...Todé, i visited

no less than three (3) polling stations. Schtill,

i only Voted one time. It woulda been nice to

have been able to send a message to the Governor

AND the Legislature about the most recent budget

debacle...alas, this election was only Municipal.

I am unsure of my ranking within the Community

of my hotel. Afact, i am at a loss to devise a

schema of the hierarchy. [Fraternal? Military?

Chivalric?] It'll come to me eventual.

Friday, November 6th, °9...Just finisht a load

of laundry. Schtrange how filthy a dish=towel can

get when five (5) men use it over and over. This

morning, we were seven (7) at matins [including

the woman who lives Independently on the first

floor of this hotel] AND ten (10) restocking the

methodicle Food Pantry. {less are needed to Pray

than to werk, yet both are Essential}

~factotable slac~

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