Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is much held in Common--day by day allto

TITLE: To Be, In Brief, A Fibre

MOOD: Xstatically Xhausted~optimalistic

NOISE: rustling leaves, rambunctious skoo'chi'dren

HAER: the beard is positifly Byzantine, iconic

WEATHRE: nice for autumn, roshashanna, ramadan

BIKE: i'm getting to be a real Ace at drifing Home

in the soaks me through AND i don't rightly

know the hydroplaning schpeed of bicycle tires.

{the Gifted bicycle permits me to exercise a rolling

Independence formerly only bestowed upon my

Gifted boots...two of everything And nothing lost}

MEMORY: i am surely behind a great numbre of

Anniverserals~a brothre, a sistre, two of their sons

with briefer Marriageness [post=nubility?]...all while

losing track of the passaged schleepers! It's true what

they say,"Memory is first to go." As i recall...

MODERN TEXT: Sunday, September 27th, °9...there

is anothre Roomy moving in, to replace the emptiness

of the fourth schpace. He is an amiable Fellow.

Tuesday, September 29th...i removed the foot straps

from my pedals, clippt my beard, refilled my Statin Rx.

Friday, October 9th...i am so behind my Glowing that

i feel just like a Pennsy lawbreaker werkin' on t'budget.

{Amembre when i predicted that none of the property

tax relief would come through the Casinoes? Hmmm}

WE are at a full haus again, with concommitant brief

scrapings. It's taken me three (3) months to catch the

neighbourhood rhythm...and i am the Quick Study.

Where did Septembre go? And why was Wednesday so

windy? i was not blown over by the fierce breeze, even

on my two=wheeled schteed. {nearly ev'ryone who knows

me has seen me Ride; people who don't know me have

never run me Down} Last Fridé, i did the altogethre too

many things. i prayed with the Presbyteries [there was a

record six of Us] AND helpt fill the Methodist food pantry

[there was a record eight of us for a light load]. Morning

being early, i Visited my girl=friends JANE & PEARL at the

market, took the NOON A=bus toward the Career centre

where everyone is looking for an Assignment, bounced of

the G buses to Attend the ribbon-cutting by the Mayor

for the refurbisht national hamburger schtand AND came

home in Time to confab with the LandLord on the Lanai

as he struggled to fill his haus with persons nearly as

tenable/tenantable as my=self. {i abide & reside well}

And i schtill found the time-in-day to warsh my Whites.

There^ would be much more, but i am up=catching.


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