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Tuesday, August Fourth, andNine...i am going to begin this

entry at the beginning and move back=wise, not becos i like

to Live in the Past, but becos it'll be easier to amembre

evything and not get schtuck! {this doesn't mean it will

make any more or less sense than any othre entry, but heck,

who knows?} Todé, i woke again before the radio alarm went

off at six thirty. i gulped down a malted moka, threw on

some clothes and ambled into the small cherch that sits just

about kitty-corner to the boarding haus [the Maple Street

Motel]. There i did vespers with DON and SCOTT. i haf done

enuf Mourning prayers AND now am learning Morning prayers.

By the Time i got back to the Porch, TRAVIS was waiting

there for Roomy #4. They are laying carpet in Bohemia while

the MUSIKFEAST is going on. The city of Bohemia is building

greater things faster than the city WE call 'home', but WE

are gradually starting to catch up. The boys departed fast

and forcefully, leaving me to cook my Morning salsa eggs.

i strolled uptown to Visit a bank and a credit union for

the short green, noticing five (5) of my Fellow afflicted

ones on the journey. It was a time of Day and Moment on

retourning to gathre my dirty clothes and such for a very

needed warshing at the Laundromat-on-the-Mall. [Whites &

Darks living togethre in the seabag which has travelled

from the port of LeHavre and through the Suez Canal...]

The day became hot as i laboured--i took the fresh clean

totebags from the Room to the old neighbourhood Groxery

schtore, where i purchased good fresh food by using my

government=issued plastic electronicle FOOD STAMP card.

i 'spect there will be a chicken soop in my future acause

i bot All the ingredients for it...celery, garlic & the

schplit breasts which will become the Base of it. *tote*

Monday was a tad wacky; the LandLord came onto the Deck

with a shopping bag full of cucumbres?! There musta been

like two dozen of these full=sized beauties. i remembre

my-own-self having too many of such things when i howed

a garden at the Hovel, and that was only a single Vine.

Even Pastor DON took a couple away--even though i had

thoroughly missed vespers. Quite a few slices of one went

into my 'werk=salad'. i was present when CINDY, the girl

carrier PostMan delivered my plastic Food Stamp card...

and, Acause my change of address has been recently mildly

confused, She said,«We'll get You all your mail as soon

as we figure out where You're Living.» To which i replied,

«When You find out where i'm Living~would You please Tell

me?» i believe she Understood the faciety of that remark.

Werk at the Parish went well until a certain mini=van

came and left three (3) discrete messes for me to clean.

He's a regular customer and should not have abused the

Yard so much after my first Avisement. Yet~it is the high

point of the Season & i'm sure he was in a hurry to fill

my bins with his branches. Customer/friend BRIAN gave me

a ride to the old Neighbourhood at the close of Gates.

Later that same evening: Roomy #2 was cooking himself a

burger when he Popped into my door--«Is that Your bread?

Could I maybe borrow a couple of slices?» i told him to

help himself [becos the bread was freely given to me and

it wasn't in my Powre to deny it to any=one]. Plus+, i

have just moved from the lonely austerity of three years

in a Grand place to the bettre sharing Venue of Life on

the common schtreets! {Whatever i leave out, which isn't

thrown away, belongs to All my Companions, nonewitheld}

Domingo, the Lord's dé, was also the Meeting of the

clique, the clan, the Fierce Five by Favourability...

and all those othre Names & titles by which it might could

be referred to. Originally~the COLONEL had simply planned

to drop in on me for a Sunday brunch between festivities

in the Coal=Town where Lovely THERESE was turning eighty.

{He envisioned a stop-and-go, a loving liaison apart from

"Inquisition"} But, as it happened, All the clusters were

in one Centrality and the full Avantage was took of it.

Of and For my=self, i ate a fried egg sandwich while

Roomy #1 was cleaning out his Abode. My seven o'clock

showre behind me, i traversed undre G's cloudy rainy day

toward the Calvarite cherch. It was the contemporary mass

of type--a sort of XIAN KARAOKE. Emotionally moving. And

there was the kaffeklatsch afterwise where i had my third

and fourth cups of Java along with Yogurt dresst fruit,

a large blueberry muffin and a chunk of schticky bun. The

Pastoress was behind herself to find me as my Sister buzzt

my fone=cell, yet i managed to tell BLAIR the many things

of my previous week in the Walley [again of Centrality^].

KAY and HARRY ferried me to our favourite greek diner,

where they consumed their brunch and i drank even more

coffee?! That is, until i let out a yelp when the waitress

came around the third time to warm me over. Becos it was

such a rainy dé, we opted for an indoor excursion at the

book outlet attached to the Big Mall. And anothre moka.

Soon enuf, it was time to meet up with the othres at the

motel. {You could try to fit five persons into the room

i'm borroing, but it certainly would not be Comfortable}

The summit was amiable and cordial, loving and Affirming.

Assuredly~i have a lot more werk to do on the Journey

before i am retourned to full faith and surety in All.

For dinner at the steakhaus, We were nine--three couples

and three singletons. [LIZ was the third loner.] MAISY

and LOO were kind enuf to drop me at the flop.

Saterday was a normal werkday, not counting the mob

in the morning And that KAY and HARRY pickt me up at the

end of it. We supped that night at the ristorante near

the Women's College. {i cleaned my plate at both dinners}

Friday was the first morning i got up early enuf for

the vespers. And~it was the first day i also volunteered

to help at anothre Food Pantry. At first, the cherch

secretary tried to turn me away, saying,«We don't hand out

the Groceries until tomorrow.» It took some explaining on

my part to clarify that i wisht to Contribute my Labour,

not Gather the gleanings. Eventually, i joined the crew

of about eight people [including PASTOR JIM] offloading

two skids and a vanful of donated items. It took us nearly

two hours on that schticky morning. Then i scored my

money order for the LandLord, droppt it in the box and

went on my own little grox run. After visiting the Library

and taking a power=nap, i even managed to help Roomy #4

bring some of his belongings to the third floor with his

current/former girlfriend. A day for Lifting...

The rest, You almost know. ~slac~

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