Tuesday, July 21, 2009


PUXXLE: 100% perfect, but only

this very last one i recycled

SOOP: i'll have to buy some

ingredients for the next one

TITLE: Bivouac de Baraque

MOOD: somewhat refresht

MUSIK: Zappa Spears Who Waits

[new schtuff on the Ishpod]

WIDEO: learning the new cable

WEATHRE: cool & misty now,

but we had a really nice run!

THOT: «it's easy to Conquer a

place that's there. The trick is to

go to a place that's not there

TEXT: Men Land on Moon!

Cronkite reports. It don't seem like

forty (40) years ago, but that's the

way it was. i was camping then

and i'm camping now. There was a

small black & white television set

mounted high on the wall of the

canteen. It was rarely if ever used

while the campers were there...too

much othre schtuff going on. We

did have movies in that Venue;

they were screened with a real

projector. But on this night--the

entire contingent of residents was

gathered to watch a fuzzy white

blob of a man bouncing off an

equally fuzzy ladder to alight on a

grey dusty faraway surface...Luna.

{the irony of it only occurs to me

now: Neil and 'Buzz' would schpend

their night on the moon; we campers

were overnighters of a smaller kind}

Me? i only liked the cantina because

i could purchase milky way® bars.

Michael Collins? He was the Valet.

July 20th, °6...it was two (2) days

after settlement on Hane's hovel.

Around Noon, i carried this huge

cheque to my bank, deposited ALL

of it & cut four (4) certifies to my

favourite brothres and sisters [two

of each]. Twenty minutes later, all

the shares were in the mail. {it had

crosst my mind during the trial, to

cash the big cheque and roll around

in the filthy papre before sending it}

Lizard & cousin Steve visited me

later that evening and i bot them

dinner at the five-point steakhaus.

Funny~i didn't feel at all rich.

July 2009...it wasn't at all long ago

that MAISY askt me,"You do like

living with People, don't you?" What

a large filosofical question! i suppose

it would depend on the 'people'. As

it is--i very much like the people i'm

Living [camping] with now. And i've

always been perfectly happy to meet

schtrangers and make them into

friends. {do i have charm? and is it

natural OR cultivated?} These are the

days and Times for it, what with my

new VOTER card & my open food

stamp file. OH! and the vanity in

our upstairs bath--no more shaving

in the kitchen for this vagabond.


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