Thursday, February 19, 2009


Fridé, February 17th, °6:

Glower forgets to send Valentines;

Doesn't get any Either. Apologies!

And that's^ the slac=news, mostly.

THOT:"i'd live in a trailer if the

Administration weren't hoarding them."

Saterdé, February 18th, °6:

[smaller & smaller things] Hold the

best & shred the rest~archivoslac

Happy Presidents' dé! 02/18/08:

Billy Blythe is honour=bound to Vote for

his bride when the Convention comes;

'twould be embarrassing to go before

anothre grand jury claiming,"I did not

Vote for that woman." *opinion*

Amorro, i shall trim my [beard] and start

simmering bones for Chicken=Soop!

^edited Reposits^

"The past is prologue, plus it's over."


mood: rising Bright out of hiberness

menu: chili grits with honey Moka...

mindset: a fierce & fearful determining

musique: Bo Diddley & Carole King, ishpod

meteory: wickedly windery in wintre

meandre: to banques & thru the market

method: to help a limping man into a car

moment: i catch my feet in mid=walk...

measure: fathoms by featherings, underly

message: Altho it is cold and breezily

Woeful, the Schpring is not far off at all!

i saw my first ROBIN on my way to werk last

Saterdé and even two (2) of them Today.

Yet, there are also GULLS flying against

the wind over certain gasless Petrol pumps.

Can the Chippies ground under much longer?

i doubt it. {my Faith of the new werld is

similarly Guarded} These are the Conditions

which Prevail. Also~the NATURE of humanity

might awaken to the sunnier Days even 'tho

the Forest trees are holding tight to their

Leaves. These, too, shall be released in

good favour & the Flowres will bud forth...


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sunflowerkat321 said...

Happy belated Valentines day, Slac...and a big valentine SMOOCH!



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