Thursday, October 28, 2010


Saturdé, Octobre 18th, °°8...Who knew the Yard would

be so busy on such a cool, autumnal day? We overfilled

the five (5) Dumpsters® and altho i wanted to continue

celebrating the 'Feast of Booths', i hardly found

Time to set in my own Slack=shack! Come and go...

Cuddie FRANK was kind enuf to ferry me home=wise.

Amorro~i might could oughta try to make a Transfer of

these Glow=Pages to the next Venue. Anything is

possible. [comment freely 'til the End] ~slac~

^publisht as 'echo' to the Web, mood=productive

noise=young frankenstein...a Movie^

Comment from: sunflowerkat321

"Let me know when you get settled in the new neighborhood.

I want to stop in and say hello. XOXO Kat"

"I await an announcement with bated breath. Well, not really.

I'll keep breathing. -Paul"

THOT: "ponder the small items first and best...thereafter,

the large & mysterious things will fall into focus Resolutely."

Wednesday, Octobre 19, 2005...I'm getting those familiar

questions again: "How late are you guys open?", "When do you

guys close for the year?" And "Do you guys take [this crud]?" TO

which i lovingly respond,"Hey~it's only me here, a Naked singleton

in clean jeans & winter woolies. {i am one & one is all} The yard

waste & recycling Universe opens and closes within me, and there

are no Others without." Yet~it wouldn't serve my good customers

well to thus blow their minds!

Friday, Octobre 22nd, 2°1°...(twenty, ten)...Sanctified detritus!

My hard drive is eighty-nine percent (89%) full! And it only

took me ten Years to do it. {Kay shoulda woulda coulda never

gifted me with Technology; it's been nothing but a burden} By

the Bye, this old Dell® came fully loaded with sixty-nine (69)

gigabytes of mammary from the last Millennium. i thot it

would last me forever & ever. Time and Life resolutely change.

Two weeks ago, i cleaned with MONICA; last night i cleaned

[vacuumed] with CATHY. These are my gentle girls. i join the

cleaning crew whenever it is Offered, on account of the extra

cabbeej [cabbage/cash]. Plus+, it is eminently interesting to go

through the Parish building functionarily, to catch up on the

general News. It's ne'er been a viable Replacement of my first

Duty as the yard master, but it is delightfull to do occasionally.

The bicycle is in the boof; i rode it up last evening for the extra

Time. i permitted, graciously, CATHY to ride me 'home' in her

Jeep®. It's getting quite cold & windy for=to ride the byke...but

i'll make the best use of it while Days allow. Monday last, i

accidentally made a marathon on the byke by leafing my haus

keys in the Boof! {i am beside myself, shtill, that i remembered

to pack & carry Everything but them two keys} The very purpose

of scaling back my Autumnal hours was to ease my Travels in

the darkness~Yet i grinded up and back Perfectly, a truly

seasoned Cyclist all and all. {If Slack can do this, could he not

almost attempt to do Any=Thing?} And, if anyone cares to note

it--the up & down trips are six and a half miles, more or less,

from point-to-point...i pedalled twenty-five (25) or twenty-seven

(27) miles...and will never again forget my latch=keys on account

of my gifted & unnamed byke! [my rider name is JACK-KNIFE

because of a quite harsh Dismount i did at Maple and Madison

many, many months Ago.] Sun=Day, Octobre 24th, 2°1° was

an expecially good riding morning, this One. i tasted my two (2)

cups of moka early on & parkt my schteed next to the Episcopal

cherch off Gresser Park. MARIA was glad to have my 'signage'

at her Communion AND there was also a magnificent brunch for

Celebraxn Sundé...of which i did fellowship for All Good. {i am

Provided for in all these houses, because i Provide something}

The fountain in the park is drained & the frogs are bagged. No

pennies of mine can be found in such a desolate Oasis. *plink*

i also communed with my Presbytry, because i hadn't gone to

their Full Service in a while. They welcome me back because i

Supplicate with DONALD through the week. [the Turtle used to

ask me,"What cherch are You going to Sunday?" Now, he knows

to ask,"What cherches are You going to?"] The many extra hauses!

Tuesday, Octobre 26th, 2°1°...Yesterdé and Saterdé were both

busy at the parish-yard, my werkplace. The good weathre has

brot out the regulars as well as the many Trux & Trailers...the

hours are peculiar though. {No=one, including my=self, is yet

quite used to Daylight yardwerk, nine to five} That is, i get to

werk through the Wintre again but on a sunnier schedule. The

morning commute is dawnly, coolly casual; the five o'clock quit

and roll-down is more like a defensif deal with othre Commuters.

Soon enuf~i'll schtow the byke somewhere and get back to

bundling & bussing through the schnow & ice. {i can see the

future from where i Live, and election day scares me more than

Halloween} And darkness--i dearly love the darkness, crowding.

Presently, i pause to schlice gifted bread And to look after my

haushold. ~Autumnal=slac~

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