Friday, September 3, 2010


It was the moving back into my regular room*8/7/1o...

Gary brings chickensan; Turtle called from the Beach

8/8 sunday bkfst @ soop kitchen, presby, INDIANA's pasta

8/9 MIAMI's pennies for milk...PW master asks me to clean 1ce more

8/10 trim beard, clean with Monica

8/11 W bus?? Ernie brings pepsis; Bob brings tomatoes

8/12 slightly rainy, recycle, plain can of tuna [with mayo]

8/13 fix byke brake & acquire mirror, Concierge paints

8/14 byke 2 [big shtore] 4 new sneakers, 'kitchen sink' cuddy

8/15 MORAVIAN cherch [Concierge & Side=Kick continue painting]

8/16 piñata girl takes newspapres away?! That is, a customer

who wisht to take away papers to construct a piñata...

8/17 haercut!! recycle, Concierge paints sun=room

8/18 man gets back his celfone from monday?!

8/19 bread only from soop kitchen; Concierge & Side=Kick paint

8/20 restock Food films us {i can't find it}

8/21 new #5

8/22 Food Pantry service-MIAMI's chicken & cobcorn schtew

8/23 refill fone, multi=swaps-even cardboard

8/24 recycle; coffee from benefit card~toilet hinky

8/25 "various comfort stations"

One might OR may notice that this is a cursive, cursory

retelling of actual August events, leaving very much out AND

also not delving into them [and who really Cares?]. It is true

enuf to catch me up into the current blazing blisteriness.

The stalag is in tumult, transition, transience BUT the

Faer is also here & i will run into many greater Celebrities

than my=self. ^Opus of Part Two^ ~bykable~slac~

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