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Monday, June 23rd, oh=eight...what will we do without GEORGE CARLIN to point out our

collectif Ridiculosity? i spose we'll manage. The bus was not crowded todé but the AC

was icy cool. At least on the inbound. The chippy saw me off in the woods for the

outbound. [it ate the carrot i gave it but left the celery alone] My neighbours in unit #2

are Young & bright. Iffen the wind dies down and the rivers settle, i believe it's gonna

be a good summer. Happy Joy, Turtle! ~tannable slac~

Thursday was productif and lucky...a room near the library

was Discovered. For dinner, we attended an event called Taste

Of The Market. This [Friday] morning, The Engineer arose just

before me and gave BLADE yet another driving lesson; HE^ later

let me drive the black beauty all over the Walley on our perfect

mission to fetch me a Room. i signed the paperwork at Four.

Amorro [Tuesday, the Third, And7], marks my independence

day. It's the first Anniversary of the big move from HANE's Hovel

to [the four=banger]. And what a great Year it's been! i wouldn't

trade a Moment of it for a winning lottery ticket [not quite true].

Over=more, no grand pianoes have yet fallen on this faer head. So,

i'm gonna watch the Fire=werks from the Athletik fields on Wèzné

and pray thereafter to my own fierce G that i continue to thrive on

the parapet of my choice. i know the meaning of Liberty; all those

would=be terrawrists should taste it once and CUT THE CRUD!

^MIXT MEDIA> TITLE: the further continuing Aventures of

Booey the bicycling bag=boi

MOOD: mildly pisht at the entire werld...Hey! i'm through

with the fuggle suffering already much yet. Then, peace

PRESSURE: 123/79p85 on june 26th & 126/80p80 on july 3rd

WEATHRE: sticky warm--then nice--droughty again this week

MUSIK: ishpod from genie yields, POLICE, RAY CHARLES, THE


SOOP: behind of it, but CHICAGO gave me many chicken legs

OCCUPANCY: 85%, as JERSEY is in Florida with his gal

BEARD: five colours, trimmed, thin, bristly & barely there

MEMORIAL: DICK HENRY, the fambly farmacist, Viewing Tuesday

THOT: it'll take me all of the move to catch up to myself,

yet i remembre the same thing happening just three years ago.

TEXT: i'll haf to reset from having a bicycle and all the

othre crud that's happened recently.

Independence Day Sundé, July Fourth, 2o1o...i went to

the reading of the DECLARATION at the cherch where the

bell was hid, and all i got was this cheap tri=cornered

hat. Which is to say, that it was more than worth the

ride to Zion to participate in the liberate festivities!

[Rocinante rested out=side the cherch, unmolested, from

ten till two.] Plus+, it was good to be out of the Sun.

Mondé, the 28th of June was a favoured favourable dé Whence

i acquired the cyclocomputre from CAT that her boyfriend had

Found at his recycling centre!? By Wèzné, i was reading twenty

(20) functions on the bike like a mad professional Rider.

{For the record, i am a schpinner NOT a plunger} Yet~it's yust

a little box to look after my schpeeds and mileage; i added

the bell to warn walkers that i drife like an Italian. Forget

the tour de france, i've been watching Wimbledon! *schport*

Come to think on't~doing the Zion ukey communion was bettre

than looking at fire=werx, this year. Tuesday, July 6th, 2o1o:

altho it was a very schteamy morning, i made it to the Viewing

for the fambly farmacist who took care of: Hane, Mack, me [some]

AND the werld's nastiest diabetic cat, Boogerag. {from the

Service i gleaned that RICHARD HENRY was a fambly farmacist to

everyone in that Neighbourhood} Then i pedalled back to the frat

[bunkhaus is too long a werd] to secure the front office. *pant*

Of Yesterdé, i can say much. The COUNTY facility was closed, along

with Administraxn, Publik Werks and the library. It was hardly

werth it for me to go to werk in the blistery heat...yet i hadn't

been called off of it! [Independence Day is ever a fickle break.]

Much as i abhor shortening my own cheque, i bagged werk at three.

There were nearly no cuddies and the bins were flowed=over. What

more OR else could i do while my Yard thermometre rèad 102°f?

[for note, my readings of Pressure at the halfwé up were 111 over

80 pulsing 69.] The only thing werse in bike=riding than a head

wind IS a hot head=wind. Over=more, i thank goodness for the A/C

provided in the frat for All the guests who haf schtrength to

use it Judiciously. By Way of closing, AND to schtay true to the

ideals of Pyramidal [Masonic?] journalism...i'll publish these

boring schtatisticle numbres i gathered from my Trip up=hill this

last Saterdé--in forty-two minutes & seventeen seconds, i pedalled

five point seventy-six miles. {it was Leisurely} My average speed

was eight and one quarter miles per hour; my maximum schpeed was

sixteen and three quarters MPH. My averaged pulse was 115; my

greatest heart=rate was 155 [*see the lowest resting rate of sixty

nine abof^]. For comparison~my best down=hill ride from werk to

the frat is thirty five minutes wheel=by=wheel, door=to=door...

i cannot wreck the black bolt [Rocinante] for she is a gift AND i

dasn't Severe my=own=self on account of Gracious Mercies! i adhere

to All the NEWTONIAN & Quantum Laws. ~avincibleslac~

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