Saturday, June 13, 2009


Thursday, June Fourth,°9...Imagine i had done All

these things with my very own American vehicle!

BLADE has come into his learning licence yet again

and All of Us haf regaled him with Driving stories.

Even MONICA and i were discussing the differences

between Schtick & Automatik as she brang me back to

Town last night in the dull mystiness. *gear*

The Invasion of NORMANDY has nothing on me, now.

{i woulda been one of the first Sepulchred} Yet,

as i battle my current strifes...i come to know the

many Walking Warriors. Last month, in cherch, i met

a man who was at Pearl Harbor. [i've stood on the

ARIZONA Memorial; he remembres the actual sinking

and the rumble it made!] Anothre dé, i held the door

of the Convenience schtore for an Elder who wore a

cap of the USS Chickasaw [he informed me that this

Auxiliary TUG vessel was active on the Marshall

Islands AND at the Bikini bomb Test]. i Always thank

these^ and othre Veterans for serving, because they

have vouch=safed the Life i nearly enjoy...

Tuesday, June 9th, '9...the brothers are

togethre yet again, and ruining the Town

both individually and as a pair. It was


of me to surprise him with my ongoing

housing problems on the first day back,

but he has come to 'straighten out' such

horrible calamities...with me and others.

*reset* Saturday, June 13th,°9...and what a week

it was. So much of one i can hardly remembre all of

it. i think i've seen the casino, tho i cain't be

sure Acause of all the othre things which occured.

Food stamps! What an inedible concept. [by sheer

luck i have kept my file open; i never doubted my

ability to do so.] And while we're licking that

food schtamp with relish, let's also APPLY ourselfs

to cement the need of Emploi---while resuming to


. And pounding the pavement in werk=boots

while making faer use of all remaining conveyances.

{i ramble from the scramble in my brain} TURTLE,

my instructor/counselor, has completed one (1)


with the Town crew and it has filled Him

with so much frustraxn that he bolted for the

beach. On a sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy Day in

schpringtime after dropping me at my first werk

which is leading to my second werk, my Second act.

Willy Shakes opined,"The play's the thing." That


was also probly near starvaxn when he writ it!

It's painstakingly rainy now~and i've already

forgotten if i had a Point to make. It'll come to

me right after i take my sauerkraut to the cherch

Picnic. Seven o'clock sure comes early in the

Walley. ~to be comprised~slac~

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