Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wednesday, January 21st, °9...
the Berd report: i saw the wood
pecker again today, and in the same
Vicinity--a bright red CARDINAL.
[the Arizona ones bested our Iggles,
but the schteel=werkers are in Play]
The Sparrows are just clamboring
togethre in various bushes and not
singing very much...the gulls & geese
are gone or going Acause of the cold.
the Beard report: it has lasted thru
the Inaugural, as Promised..but it is
a scraggly, scrappy thin pie=bald
thing Not worthy of taking a foto of,
scarcely growing in nine (9) colours
with nine (9) directionals! {Yes~even
my chin & cheex have a Permanent Wave}
i'll probly scythe it off with a dull
steak=knife afore Abraham's birfdé.
"Lone Star! We meet again for the
first Time, for the last Time!"
Somehow i imagine, as if in a dreme,
that the engineer made bettre time to
TEXAS than even the Shrub (43)...yet
only as an Houstonal Harbinger of
new & more wonderful energy devices.
i was only my=self to the Big State
once at the turn of the Epoch; yet my
Patriarch was birthed on the bordre
AND he^ managed to attend a prepskool
with Shrub (41) in MASSACHUSETTS.
{is it possible to remembre past events
futurifically?} i pray like a Pilgrim
for the health of the KENNEDYS, 'cos
i have seen so many of them Rise and
Fall...and i spect Michelle & Barack
will cling & cleave the Remainders of
them^ into their HAWAIÌN Camelot.
*i ramble in the new hopes*

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